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Posted on August 24, 2020 by A.

Around six years ago I had the idea of making a turn based competitive strategy game designed around battles between parties of adventurers. The main inspiration for this is my combined love of esports, tabletop strategy games (chess, Warhammer, Heroscape, D&D Minatures), and turn based tactical RPGs (Icewind Dale, Fire Emblem, and Divinity: Original Sin).

Recently I have been giving the idea more serious thought, and to that end I have decided to do a fast as possible build of a simple turn based game with ranked matchmaking. Having been a longtime fan of the board game The Amazing Labrinth, and seeing no video games that immitate this style of turn based game, the plan is to make

For the graphics I will be using three.js, simply because I am used to it and it gives me the option of using a 3D orthogonal style if I get the time. I will be trying out Colyseus for the networking, using a Node.js game server and JavaScript client served by Apache. The other option would be to serve the entire app through Node.js, but I’m used to Apache and at the moment I don’t see much benefit in switching.

Further updates on will be forthcoming, as well as design documents for Kier Tactics the planned party based game.

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