Blog - C++ linting and completion

Posted on October 13, 2020 by A.

Today I spent several hours attempting to set up a simple C++ linting system neovim. I have used ALE quite successfully in the past, but for whatever reason it would not behave today. I could not get even the most basic functionality of setting the g:ale_linters variable to effect which linters were enabled (setting g:ale_linters_explicit=1 would always result in no linters enabled, and setting it 0 would always result in all linters enabled). Moreover, ALE would not parse my makefile for flags no matter what I attempted. Thus I had to manually enter compiler flags as a global variable. And to top it all off, the header only library that I am working with currently, websocketpp, takes so long to compile on my notebook that linting is almost useless anyway.

After the debacle above, I foolishly decided to spend another hour fiddling with clang complete. This I did manage to get working, but again found that it was too slow parsing large libraries on my notebook. So I’m back to pretty much raw nvim with syntax highlighting and I don’t think I will mess with such things for a long time, I prefer simple systems anyway.

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